International Women’s Day 2019: What It Is to Be A Woman in Tech

The change witnessed is encouraging

International Women's Day“Ten years ago, I transitioned into ad tech because it was an evolving, dynamic, and interesting space that appealed to me. I distinctly remember some of my first meetings with the founders of different DSPs and ad exchanges – because when I looked around the room, not only was I the only female, I was often the youngest, too. Those things never felt like obstacles to me; that was just the situation. But now, and for the past five years, I’ve been overseeing ad tech teams that have been fairly gender-balanced. It’s encouraging to watch that change.

“My advice to women interested in ad tech is: if you’re ambitious, driven, and interested in the space, then get involved, learn about it, build connections, and get after what’s interesting to you – just like you would in any other industry.”

Jenna Umbrianna, Chief Client Officer, Anagram